As the spread of COVID-19 ravages countries around the world, the availability of information is more important than ever to make correct policy decisions and risk assessments. The following map shows COVID-19 notifications in NSW during the “second wave”, arbitrarily the 23rd June to 6th August. This is displayed as a “heat map”. This gives an idea of the density of notifications at any point, identifying hotspots.

arcgis online small map

The map below shows the postcode of all COVID-19 notifications in NSW in 2020.

To view the map, click on the expand symbol on the top right corner. Double click or use the + button to zoom in and the hand to drag the map around. Use the search box to search for a postcode or a place. There are multiple layers ordered by date. The first with cases since the first on the 22nd January to mid March, mid March until the end of March and then monthly. The layers can be turned off and on by clicking on the legend layers in the top left. Clicking on a symbol will bring up location information on that case, including the date of the notification. Note that in this display, only the top patient in the table will be displayed, although there may be multiple cases in that postcode. Expanding “All items” in the legend will show the number of cases in a postcode. For obvious reasons, the data is coarse, only showing the postcode of the patient. Note also, that the postcode may be misleading. Someone from Albury may have been on a cruise ship and someone from Wollongong may have caught it in Sydney. However, the data reveals that there have been few places in NSW untouched by the virus.

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