Viewing 3D models

Viewing embedded 3D imagery is a relatively new technology. This website is designed to work with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Explorer that support 3D/WebGL. 3D imagery is data and computationally intensive, so you’ll need a relatively recent computer (preferably with a GPU) and a good internet connection. The models are hosted on the Sketchfab server and it does most of the heavy lifting. After the image has loaded, click the arrows at the bottom right to expand to full screen (ESC to exit), use the left click to rotate, right click to drag and rollerball (scroll on a Mac mouse) to zoom. The site is tablet or (recent) smartphone friendly but the 3D imagery will give it a run for its money. On a touch screen you can drag with your finger. Images can also be viewed on Google cardboard. Let me know via the Contact page if you have any issues.